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Aileen (she/her) is seeking a Fall 2024 internship with a company that cares about delight as much as she does. She is most drawn to congee with century eggs & collaborative work with a high bar of craft.

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Aileen (she/her) is a digital product designer seeking a Fall 2024 internship. She is most drawn to congee with century eggs & collaborative work that requires a high degree of craft.
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aileen - wanying - luo
product design
aileen - wanying - luo
/ 2024

Projects & Case Studies

Here are some recent freelance & personal projects (c.) 2024 within app, web, and dashboard design.
•  Roblox Design Internship - Summer 2023
May 2023 // Design Systems, VR
Design Intern
•  Momento Design Internship - Summer 2022
June 2022 // App Design
Product Design Intern
• Re-designing, re-branding, and re-onboarding users to Skintheory
March 2022 // Illustration & UX
Contract / Freelance Designer
• Creating a high-fidelity prototype for the SPC app
February 2022 // App Design
Personal Project
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Other Assorted Design Tidbits

Hover below to see some freelance & personal projects that explore my visual & graphic design side (less UX, see my case studies for those). Cafe Blanc is a web design project and Bored Museum represents my art direction work. If you'd to see something playful- I suggest my playground page or the schoolhouse.world project.